Understanding the problem (part 2)

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To continue with my analysis, I found a model that explains human behaviour from an Islamic perspective. I attended a one day seminar conducted by Ustaz Hasrizal Abd Jamil in which he referred to the hadith of Jibrail in which the Prophet (SAW) was asked what is Iman, what is Islam and what is Ihsan. Ustaz Hasrizal explained that Iman is like the ingredients (i.e. the inputs), Islam are the religious acts necessary to develop good character (i.e. the process or the means) and Ihsan is the output (the end).

As the above table indicates, this religious picture is part of the picture. However, the 'secular' part is quite similar. The secular belief system is the 'memory' of all the good and bad experiences and how these experiences have been explained by the individual. In practice, the virtue of this model is that highlight that change can occur either by changing the belief system (for example, by learning more about Islam) or by improving the skills / tools so that the individual becomes more effective.

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