Result from the 1st group

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The first group of Masters of Management (MOM) students finished this project. They were asked to listen to religious talks once a week for 10 weeks. The 21 students submitted their report last week. The data was transcribed into Excel.

77% said that they were happier (the comments ranged from "the process of learning was fun" to "this assignment was inspirational"

9% said that they did not feel happier but their responses were quite positive ("I feel calmer than before")

9% said they did not change

5% (i.e. one person) said that she felt sadder because she realised how far away she felt from Islam

These results gave me some relief. I knew that theoretically the results would be positive but it's always a relief when the data confirms the theory. I would add that I have accumulated a lot of qualitative data and it will take some time before I really understand it. I have, by the way, invited another professor from UIAM to help me analyse the data so that we may develop an objective view of the data. One of the tasks is to represent the data in a format that SPSS can accept. This would allow some non-parametric tests to be done.

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